The Lessons series
by Jori & MoJo

Lessons I: Racked by Jori--11K
Scully picks the next game.

Lessons II: Head's Up by MoJo--12K
After Racked, Mulder decides to teach Scully a new game.

Lessons III: Quiver by Jori--17K
Scully tries to improve Mulder's aim.

Lessons IV: Fore Play by MoJo--13K
Mulder engages in a little action on the fairway with Scully.

Lessons V: On the Fly by Jori--24K
Scully teaches Mulder the finer art of using lines and handling his fly.

Lessons VI: Double Down by MoJo--16K
Mulder shows Scully how to go *double down* in darts.

Lessons VII: Soaring by Jori--21K
It's time to take learning to a new, higher level.

Lessons VIII: Joyride by MoJo--24K
It's time to take learning to a new, higher level.

Lessons IX: Swing Time by Jori--20K
After their previous 'accident', Scully and Mulder hit the bargain basement for their next lesson.

Lesson X: Fast Lane by MoJo--20K
Mulder and Scully move into a faster lane.

Lessons XI: Field of Play by Jori--20K
The games continue, but their meanings have changed so much. Scully gets her kicks with Mulder during a late night soccer match.

Lessons XII: Body Checking by MoJo--17K
Mulder calls a penalty on Scully out on the ice.

Lessons XIII: Over the Net by Jori & MoJo--30K
Mulder and Scully agree to meet on the courts for the ultimate singles match.

Lessons XIV: Bringing it Home by MoJo & Jori--44K
Months after their first 'lesson' together on the baseball diamond, Mulder and Scully try to bring it on home.